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Brand Design
Let's enhance your uniqueness

You could be starting a new venture, or looking to update the look of your business and brand. This is the work we love. Our clients often feel more confident, like they now have something special - as they should. We always want to create the best version of you - on your best day.

Websites that turn visitors into buyers

We set up hard-working and beautiful websites - the face of your business. We'll create the strategy, setup and launch including mobile optimization and SEO heavy keywords. We design for any platform - Wix.com platform, or WordPress or other platforms like Shopify and Hubspot. Get started. 

Brand Design on a screen

WM Vision - USA

Brand Design on a screen

Rhino Outlet Amazon product launch - USA

Brand and Explainer Films

Let's create a great pitch for you. Share your "why", inspire new potential customers with your business concept, or simply explain how to use your product or service, share your business approach to new employees. A new brand film will clarify your vision and inspire all who engage with it. 

Startup Ai toolbox for authors

If you've ever written a book, you'll know that the writing and publishing  of a book is like summiting a mountain. This is when BookBoost kicks in. Our task was to share the vision of how BookBoost can transform all of that work into many new pieces of media, audio content and money making products. Basically magnifying the content of a book.

UR Limitless
1 Million views in 1 week!

This project was made to try to get a man into space! An urgent, tight deadline home-made video for an incredible entrepreneur, and splendid human being, Ruben Salinas. We co-wrote the script with Ruben and created the film here in Switzerland using his own recording from his home in the States. It was the most viewed film in the inspiration 4 competition, and was retweeted by influencers like Tony Robins.

Brand Evolution - The Challenge

Our challenge was to share a new corporate vision of MCFI with their staff, clients and key stakeholders. This large Mauritian and African business rebranded and repositioned itself and needed a way to show this new vision. We collaborated with their agency IsBranding to create a clear new direction. We wrote and voiced the script, and created the film that will be a challenge to their staff and partners to embrace ingenuity.

Perception Predict
Predictive Ai

The challenge with this video was that it took about 15 minutes for the product to be explained to me. We worked hard on the script with Jonathan Whistman who is a sales genius. We created the Logo, Website and explainer video in-house using only animation, screen recordings and stock footage. Not one image was shot. To create a tone that is less like a growing start-up and more like a leading brand.

Elevate Human Potential
Brand Film

Our brilliant client, Jonathan Whistman, wanted to share his positive Brand's vision with online visitors, as well as create an inspiring introduction to his training courses. From his writing, we crafted the script and created the film using only stock footage and music. All production was done in-house by Craig Murley. ​

Shakti Coin
Crypto for good

We had the privilege of being trusted to explain a truly great idea. This video was written by Craig Murley, very closely with the ShaktiCoin team. Using only in-house animation, stock footage and music. The video is aimed to inspire and to share the idea as clearly as possible. This is still in a soft launch phase. We are busy creating more films for Shakti Foundation. The whole international production was done virtually using Zoom to collaborate.

Insignia Group
How it works

We created a short explainer video to highlight exactly why Insignia's product is so good for their target market - Auto dealers in the US.
This was all part of a full makeover of their website. As this was being created in Switzerland, zero footage was shot. The whole experience used stock footage and our in-house animation and compositing. Good fun to do, and an effective sales pitch for Insignia.

Logo Animation & sound

The existing Pregistry logo needed an idea and a simple animation to intro their video content. The idea is to show the fact that Pregistry is here to support, from conception through pregnancy and lactation. Pregistry is a great company that offers expert advice, pregnancy apps and tools as well as a very active community for pregnant and lactating women.

Voice Acting
Voice acting demo

Sometimes a brand needs something a little different, irreverent or dramatic.
Here's a showcase of voice acting by Craig Murley. Try us if you need us to create something special for you.

Audio Design & Music

Check out our music. Most of these are for personal projects. We love creating emotion through sound and music. Songwriting, sound design, logo signatures, and sound-track mixing. 
Original tracks are created in our home studio under our indie brand, Ant Radio.
If we can't do it, we'll tell you.

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